Baby play gym is one of the “must” items on any new parents’ shopping list. The “best” and the most popular play gyms are overloaded with bright colors, plastics, buttons to push, loud music and everything else to completely overwhelm … Read more

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  Cooking at my house is never hard and it doesn’t take a long time: otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write this blog while taking care of  three babies.  These basic cooking methods will help you prepare foods faster. … Read more

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Tofu tastes pretty bland, unless you know how to make it exceptional. My tofu tastes great and takes ten minutes to make. I cook tofu in cast iron frying pan. To make yours healthier, you have to bake it, which takes a bit longer. To … Read more

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I just ordered my daughter one of those necklaces. I’ve been hearing about the healing properties of amber for years. How can Baltic amber help us? Strengthens the body’s immune system Restores Energy Maintains Wellness Helps break a cycle of … Read more

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Today we went to our friend’s birthday party. The friend turned three years old and his parents put a lot of effort into the party being as healthy and as calm as possible. We met at the local zoo, walked … Read more

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fresh ingredients

The inspiration for this very simple and very healthy dish came from a famous New York raw restaurant, Pure Food and Wine. I loved their raw lasagna so much I bought their cookbook and saw a page-long recipe, which included … Read more

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Every time someone sees me at a grocery store with my kids, it’s like Moses parting the Red Sea: people clear the way for me and bow down. Mostly, because they presume it is incredibly difficult to manage three kids … Read more

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Today, my friends and I were bouncing off some ideas about things to do with our active toddlers to get them to slow down and be creative.  Here’s what I do: The “Salad” project materials: colorful paper, child-safe scissors, large … Read more

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This yummy vegan sandwich is easy to make and easy to enjoy. I use it as a way to get more vegetables into those that wouldn’t ordinarily eat vegetables (kids?)  Sun-dried tomato pesto and avocado mix create a delicious, almost … Read more

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Sprouts are a well-known health food. Rich in phytochemicals (plant compounds) they strengthen our immunity against disease. Commonly available in stores, alfalfa sprouts contain saponins, which are wonderful for lowering the “bad” LDL cholesterol and for increasing the immunity by … Read more

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  I tried many baby carriers and think that Ergo is absolutely the best one! I think it might be even more important than the stroller for walking with your baby. My husband and I took our first son to the … Read more

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green smoothie

My family and I drink this juice every morning. If you want to try it, keep a couple of details in mind. a. Try to make sure all of the vegetables are organic b. Feel free to experiment with the … Read more

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