Mr. Big Baby sees cars everywhere. He tries to make every art project we do about vehicles. If we sit down to draw a    flower, he wants to draw a small flower next to a big car.  At almost … Read more

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Today, my friends and I were discussing avocados. Specifically, avocado smoothies. The best part about putting avocado in a smoothie is the smooth texture it provides and the light flavor it gives out, making it possible to mix avocado with … Read more

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Remember the carrot chips I made yesterday? Well, I had some leftovers and they went into a sandwich that turned out pretty amazing. I suspect that this sandwich can also be made into a delicious salad.

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My eight months-old twin babies are eating real food. Not the stuff that comes from jars and costs 99 cents per 1/4 cup-size portion. I am not a pediatrician, I am a mother and a nutritionist, so take my advice … Read more

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As a busy mother, I know nothing beats a good casserole when it comes down to a quick and delicious family dinner. This casserole is very easy and is excellent for utilizing leftovers. The vegetables I chose to use this … Read more

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carrot chips

This snack is nutritious and super easy.  Kids love it and it’s not junk food! I like to cut corners by using precut carrot slices, but, obviously you can slice your own carrots. I like to double up the recipe … Read more

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healthy and easy vegan pumpkin breakfast smoothie

Today, I was making some butternut squash puree for my babies (they have tried broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, carrot, apple, cucumber, banana, avocado, quinoa, buckwheat and butternut squash so far.) Then, I realized I had way too much leftover squash. … Read more

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curry cookies

I love spicy food, so these cookies taste amazing to me. In the past I had made them with 4 tbsp. of tahini paste instead of eggs and with more whole wheat flour when I couldn’t find any quinoa flour … Read more

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This amazing potato looks impossible to resist. This post is a reprint from Chicho’s Kitchen:

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Tomato Soup

My husband loves tomato soup. I love to cook fast. Here’s our compromise:

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quinoa and raisins

My family and I are trying to go gluten-free for a while. Gluten and dairy have been linked to allergies and immune weakness by multiple nutritionists, so our new diet would probably do us a lot of good. The problem … Read more

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Kale soup

I love this green, low-calorie, nutrient-packed soup. If you don’t like tofu, you don’t have to put it in. You can also add potatoes, whole wheat pasta or beans of any kind. You can season the soup with some curry … Read more

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