Open the pantry and see if you have any curry. I have a list of “superfoods:”  foods that heal, help and renew our bodies. Turmeric is high up on that list.  Turmeric is a bright yellow spice that has been … Read more

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New Sale on  Melissa and Doug’s summer toys. I like these toys for their simplicity. Sale ends 03.23 at 9pm

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ice cream

This exceptionally easy to make  “ice cream” is dairy-free, raw and healthy.  It comes out soft, so I like to serve it in a cocktail glass (plastic works, for kids.) You can make it many different ways, experimenting with adding … Read more

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Potato salad is usually a heavy dish, overloaded with fat and calories. This potato salad is lighter, healthier and some would even say, tastier than the original version. I like to use baby potatoes because of their mild and lighter … Read more

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Hijiki Burgers from Dojo

While I was studying at NYU, I used to love a restaurant called Dojo : the food there was tasty, healthy and cheap. As I often do, I fell madly in love with one of their dishes and, of course, … Read more

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I love carrot ginger dressing with pretty much anything. It is wonderful 0n salads, especially the ones with avocado. It’s great as a grain topping and it even works with some meats. Try it as a dip, too! The amount … Read more

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These calcium and protein-rich cookies are really yummy. Especially, if you like  sesame flavor. I got this recipe from my friend Yulia and modified it.

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This raw vegan cheese can be used for five days (if kept in the fridge.) Right away, the consistency should be soft and ricotta-like, but if you continue the process (putting the “cheese” in the cloth bag and letting it … Read more

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dried fruit vegan candy

I make these candies all the time: it’s the only thing I give my oldest kid for sugar. These candies have vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, unlike the regular kind of candy.  If your mixture is too dry to roll, … Read more

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Sometimes, healthy mama eats pizza. I know, it’s a lot less healthy than a bowl of kale, but once in  a while I need to feed my healthy family before I have a chance to whip up my super-veggie casserole … Read more

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Coconut oil is delicious as a substitute for butter and smells yummy. Here are some of its less-known benefits: 1. Skin Care: Coconut oil is very good as a moisturizer for all skin types. It is especially useful for dry … Read more

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What do You Need For a New Baby

  I remember being four months pregnant with my first child and getting a subscription to a pregnancy magazine. I was very excited to learn about all of the new things and processes, occurring in my body and to try … Read more

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