Between Me And You sent me a few of their wonderful journals to review. These journals make wonderful personal, heartfelt gifts and at $14.95 are a great value. I am very excited to write in my first personal journal tonight! … Read more

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Broccoli and Quinoa Casserole with Curry Sauce

We eat broccoli and quinoa a few times a week. Quinoa is a complete protein, because it contains all essential amino acids. It’s mild taste makes it very versatile in cooking. This time I wanted to try  something new and … Read more

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painting planet

My three year old knows more about planets than I do. My husband taught him about galaxies, vortexes, universes and The Milky Way. So, to seem less pathetic from the astronomical point of view, I decided to participate in my … Read more

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This little Valentin’es day craft project took us two days to make. On the first day, we made the hearts and one the second day, we made a banner out of these hearts as well as some cards. You need … Read more

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Raw Chia Spirulina Porridge

I was looking for a chia porridge recipe online and saw all kinds of recipes and ideas. So,  I made my own version of this raw breakfast. You can put the whole thing in the blender. I did not, because … Read more

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5 Minute Chocolate Cake, Vegan and Gluten-Free

I found a recipe for a quick chocolate cake and made it healthier. I experimented with adding ground flaxseed and chia seeds and decided to omit both as they made the cake drier. I made my cake with soy milk, … Read more

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Do you use food coloring in baking and in dessert preparation? Natural food dyes are a lot easier to make than what most people think. With Valentine’s day coming up, it’s time to buy some beets for the red cupcake … Read more

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We come back to this play idea quite often: I have a ziplock bag of different shapes I cut out of construction paper. I give this bag to my kids and they “build” things with it. While they are building, … Read more

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lemon jello vegan

Vegan Lemon Jello is on my list of go-to healthy kid snacks.   This jello is not your typical, food coloring-heavy sugar-crazy jello that attacks your body like a sugar bomb, but the gentler kind that tastes better. It is … Read more

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Bisquick is a popular baking mix, which makes baked goods fluffy and delicious. It is used for pancakes, waffles, cakes, pies and more. Unfortunately, Bisquick is not the healthiest food. Here’s what you’re getting in the Bisquick box: Enriched Flour … Read more

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My friend raised an issue the other day, which, I am sure is very close to many parents: snacks, which other parents bring to schools, aren’t healthy. And kids “don’t want to eat anything healthy.” And then we went on … Read more

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Tofu Scramble With Arugula And Tomatoes

I remember the first time I tried scrambled tofu. I was with my friend at a vegan restaurant in NYC. She ordered the tofu scramble and we were both surprised that it tasted quite decent and very egg-like. So, I … Read more

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