gluten free and vegan no-grain pie crust in ten minutes

Now that holidays are approaching, it’s time to think about the pies! While the easiest thing to do about a pie crust is to buy one in a store, it is also not your healthiest option. Genetically-modified and highly glutinous … Read more

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Spinach spaghetti with kale and lentils: gluten free and vegan

How about an iron powerhouse dish, which is vegan and gluten-free? Spinach spaghetti with kale and lentils is a very simple, yet filling vegan dinner (or lunch.) Every ingredient of this dish is rich in iron, so eating it regularly … Read more

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How do I have time to do everything. I feel like I don’t, yet I still manage to have a lot done. Most of my days are spent homeschooling, cooking and meeting with friends on playgrounds. I, like you, always want to do … Read more

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veterans day poem for preschool

  To honor our soldiers on Veteran’s Day, my preschooler and I learned this poem I found on Pinterest. This wonderful poem is relatively easy  for a preschooler to memorize and it gets them to understand in simple words the … Read more

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sponge painting for toddler and preschool

  There is something magical about sponge painting: toddlers love it, preschoolers love it, older kids love it and when they are all done you would probably find yourself grabbing a sponge and stamping the paper with it. I did! … Read more

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With holidays fast approaching, we need to start thinking about cookies. Especially the classical sugar cookies that are good with anything and work as presents to anybody. Remember my post about making ten types of cookies out of one sugar … Read more

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veggie stir-fry over brown rice is a quick and delicious vegan dinner

You already have a pot of cooked brown rice, or wild rice and you just need a little “something” to go with it. Ideally, that something should take no more than ten minutes to make. This easy vegan and gluten-free … Read more

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Healthy veagn and raw peanut butter snack

  If you like to teach your kids how to cook, this recipe for raw and vegan panut butter  cookies is great to get them started. All they have to do is measure ingredients and throw them in the blender. … Read more

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grattitude tree for homeschool preschool

We have a Thanksgiving tradition: adding leaves to our gratitude tree. The tree we make from painted paper: my preschooler cuts out the leaves and the actual tree and then the kids come up with what to write on each … Read more

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healthy and easy vegan pumpkin breakfast smoothie

When you roast a  giant pumpkin, you end up having pumpkin for breakfast, just to get rid of this thing. Actually, pumpkin in a breakfast smoothie tastes unbelievable! What I like about this particular breakfast smoothie recipe is how nourishing … Read more

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pumpkin butter is a vegan and gluten free snack

I had some roasted pumpkin leftovers and pumpkin butter was an experimental dish I tried to make. I wasn’t sure how much my kids would like it. Well, the whole jar was gone in a day and guess what am … Read more

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Homemade allergy free edible play dough

We had some little friends over for a play date and I wanted to surprise them with some homemade edible play dough. All the recipes I found online had various unhealthy or high-allergy components: peanut butter, powdered milk, white sugar. … Read more

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