I was cooking a pot of adzuki beans tonight. I put some in our salad ( mixing it with almond slices and crushed seaweed.) I gave the rest to the babies, adding adzukis to brown rice. The babies happily inhaled … Read more

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My three-year old never liked crayons. He’s been doing amazing paintings, using watercolors and simple finger paints, but he couldn’t quite hold the crayons right. So, he was never too excited about drawing. One day, his best friend brought him … Read more

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Everyone loves free stuff. Check out some mom-themed giveaways at this site- Tip Junkie. Everything a mommy needs, from lipstick to diaper bag – you can have it all for free!

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Many mothers tell me how they don’t have time to exercise. I believe anybody has time to do anything. Like most other things in life, it’s just the matter of two things: organization and priorities. If you are a very … Read more

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Raw Vegan Yogurt

My family is not completely vegan, but we mostly are. We can have a pizza once in a while. Or we can eat a yogurt here and there. We eat fish about once a week. Largely, though, we stay away … Read more

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I am giving away my own product: a yoga DVD package! One lucky reader can become a winner of YogaPulse Pack: ($53.99 value). It is includes a beautifully designed and organized set of SIX yoga DVDs, a brochure full of nutrition information, … Read more

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Raw Oatmeal Cookies

This morning I made some raw cookies, inspired by this recipe. I was so surprised that the cookies actually turned out tasty, that my new plan includes making them in all kinds of varieties. * Make sure to store leftover … Read more

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“I used to be a vegetarian, but then started eating meat.” I hear this phrase almost daily. Most people have no idea how to eat a nutritionally balanced vegetarian or vegan diet and 75% of vegetarians revert to eating meat. … Read more

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Raw Avocado Pesto Soup

I never store basil in the fridge: it becomes  rotten right away. I usually leave it out, together with tomatoes, which also tend to get tasteless and mushy in the refrigerator. When the basil is about to expire, I usually … Read more

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My Facebook friend Katya DeMarigny posted an awesome picture yesterday. It was of her handsome son, eating what looked like a sundae. Well, looks are deceptive; the thing turned out to be a fat-free yogurt and Katya made it for … Read more

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Creamy and Spicy Kale Soup

You have already figured out that I always have kale in the house. I eat it raw, put it in smoothies, bake with it and, most importantly, work hard at making my kids eat it. Kale is a nutritional powerhouse, … Read more

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Vegan Quinoa Lasagna

A friend of mine asked me for a lasagna recipe without the noodles and without the cheese. First of all, lets make the basics clear: it’s not going to be a “real” lasagna. Second, I make a kick-butt quinoa lasagna … Read more

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