Zucchini Bell Pepper Casserole

This vegetarian casserole makes  an easy an tasty summer dinner: it’s filling, yet still light to give you plenty of energy for summer activities. We have a wonderful farmer’s market store  not far from our house. It has a tractor … Read more

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Play Dough Sensory Tub: Sea

This is a wonderfully fun sensory tub that can be made out of leftover homemade play dough. I also used water beads that the kids got bored of. I took a tray and filled half of it with play dough … Read more

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Learn To Read With A Muffin Tin

I love my muffin tin and use it to bake all kinds of delicious and healthy goodies. Yesterday, we used it to learn how to read. We did this exercise in English, but since our homeschool is bilingual, we are … Read more

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Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups

Do you know how expensive are fruit roll ups in the store? They actually cost very little, are super-easy to make and are healthier when made at home. Blend the fruit of choice into a smooth puree. If there are seeds … Read more

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Chickpea flour flatbread is gluten-free, vegan and easy to make. It tastes addictive, because of it’s hearty lightness and fluffy texture. I sometimes make it extra-thin ( using only half the batter) and make  chickpea crepes, which I later top … Read more

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Oatmeal Pancakes, No Flour

This is yet another variation on the boring oatmeal. Instead of cooking my rolled oats one morning, I decided to grind them and make pancakes. Arguably, these pancakes taste better than the regular ones. Either way, they should definitely be … Read more

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Our Daily Clock and homeschool calendar

As I was teaching my three year-old about time, I thought it would be a good idea to show him how time works in relation to our family. We wrote the hours of the day on paper plate, as if … Read more

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Kale and Creamy Corn Salad

I know that not everyone is a fan of raw kale. I, of course, think that everyone should be, because one serving of this leafy vegetable provides you with iron, calcium, folate and impressive quantities of vitamins. One way to … Read more

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brushing teeth

Guest post One of your biggest responsibilities as a parent is to keep your children healthy. This can be done in a number of ways: make sure that your children are eating healthy foods, not snacking too much on processed … Read more

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Hearty Collard Wraps With Spicy Mango Salsa

There is nothing quite like a collard green leaf to make a healthy wrap. Collard greens are rich in folate, fiber and are incredible at lowering cholesterol. If all you put inside your leafy wrap is vegetables, your wrap would … Read more

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Tropical Papaya Smoothie

I have an obsession with juicy lusciousness of tropical fruits. Papaya, mango, pineapple – I can eat these instead of meals. The taste of tropics is not complete without coconut, however, so a tablespoon of coconut oil, blended with this … Read more

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Learn Colors With Laundry activity

I made  an easy afternoon project for my twin toddlers: we were “sorting laundry” together. My preschooler liked this project, too, because he helped to prepare it, which was good for his scissor skills. We cut T-shirts, socks, skirts and … Read more

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