Easter Lunch For Kids

Here’s what I gave my kids for a healthy Easter-themed lunch: a muffin tin, filled with plastic eggs ( I washed them on the inside.) Inside each egg was a sliced vegetable or blueberries or almond pieces. They also got … Read more

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Phonics Easter Egg Hunt

We did a fun phonics Easter egg hunt today. We printed out some pictures and their corresponding names, cut the names into letters and put everything in plastic eggs. Each egg had a picture and its corresponding letters. Like a … Read more

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Flour-less Protein Cookies

I tried chickpea flour a couple of times and was very pleasantly surprised ( recipes are coming up.) Taking chickpeas one step further, I created flour-less protein cookies. These cookies are good enough for breakfast: they are gluten-free, egg-free and … Read more

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Montessori Flower Puzzle

We did a Montessori flower puzzle a few days ago.  It was fun and educational and now my oldest son loves to look at the inside of all flowers he sees. Firstly, we cut out the stem,  the roots and … Read more

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How To Make Rice Milk

I was never a fan of commercially available rice milk. It tasted too watery and too sweet. That is until I found a recipe of how to make rice milk at home. The milk came out creamy and delicious. If … Read more

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Drinking Straw Truck Craft

We made a truck out of drinking straws. This craft is appropriate for young toddlers, as well as older kids. First, we drew the truck on a piece of paper. Then, we filled up this picture with glue, using a … Read more

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Chickpea, Tofu, Arugula Salad

Chickpea, Tofu, Arugula Salad is rich in protein, fiber, iron and everything else that’s often lacking in a vegetarian meal. I like to double the amount of tofu and chickpeas in this recipe, use half for this salad ( which … Read more

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Arugula Garlic Hummus

Arugula garlic hummus is my new take on the popular dip. Arugula is rich in folic acid, Vitamin C and iron. How many kids do you know that actually eat arugula leaves? Most kids like hummus, so this recipe can … Read more

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Magnifying Glass Sensory Tub

I made a fun sensory tub for my 3 year old the other day. This tub makes for a great preschool learning activity, as it teaches fine motor as well as thinking skills. I found all kinds of small plastic critters, … Read more

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Thyme and Garlic Gluten-Free Crackers

The original recipe for these gluten-free crackers came from Pinterest and asked for mustard seeds. I am deadly allergic to mustard, so I tried making these crackers with thyme, instead. I also added more salt, because I like my crackers … Read more

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Tea Box Train

I saved all of my empty tea boxes and used them to make a tea box train! Firstly, we painted the tea boxes and let them dry. We also painted a toilet paper roll and let it dry. Then, we … Read more

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Avocado Cupcakes With Pink Strawberry Frosting, Vegan

In the world of vegan cupcakes there are many recipes with long ingredient lists that feature unhealthy ingredients, such as margarine, or things like soy and coconut, which both of my boys are allergic to. This cupcake recipe does not … Read more

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