The subject of feeding vegetables to kids appears to be very hot at healthy mama. Recently, I was talking about vegetable smoothies, which are generally sweet blended drinks that contain a lot of healthy vegetables. And then came the email … Read more

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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Noodle Casserole

Do you like the good old-fashioned noodle casserole? I usually make it on days like yesterday: it was raining all day, the kids got whiny and I ran out of imaginative dishes. I still made the noodle casserole healthier than … Read more

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Guest post: This article was written by Natalie Schunk, a staff writer for Teacher Certification Degrees, a career site for future teachers that provides information on becoming a a teacher including how to earn an elementary education degree. With obesity rates … Read more

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  A friend just asked me why would one make a sensory tub. Sensory play stimulates the child’s brain, allows for practically limitless self-expression, helps the child focus and explore. While it involves all senses, it also helps with grasping … Read more

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If your kids are not big on eating their vegetables, the most import thing is knowing which dishes are the best for hiding the veggie monsters. Hint: don’t try to feed them your salad. The best way to sneak in … Read more

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sweet potato rice casserole

I always buy too many sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. And I always have brown rice. Sweet Potato and Brown Rice Casserole is an easy way to get rid of both, while making something uncomplicated, quick and delicious for the whole … Read more

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  I found this simple yet beautiful craft on a Russian blog: caterpillar made out of paper strips. This caterpillar is a craft, suitable for kids as young as two years old, under close adult supervision. The Russian blog has … Read more

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cranberry green smoothie

I had this cranberry, kale, banana smoothie this morning and it tasted great! It’s definitely a great way to utilize the leftover cranberries you may have after Thanksgiving.

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shepherds pie

What are you doing with Thanksgiving leftovers? Martha Stewart came up with something more creative than simple reheating: Thanksgiving Leftovers Shepherd’s Pie. A friend of mine just made this pie with green beans and mashed sweet potatoes instead of carrots … Read more

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We did a very simple and fun project the other day: made our own bookmarks for all of our favorite books. We took out construction paper, paper with patterns on it, glue, scissors, stickers. Then we cut a stripe of … Read more

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When I was living in New York, I always associated holidays with the smell of roasted chestnuts. Street vendors around 59th street were selling small hot bags of roasted chestnuts for some really crazy price, like nine bucks or something. … Read more

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Naturally Sweet Mashed Potatoes

What do most people do with naturally sweet sweet potatoes? Add sugar, of course! Sweet potatoes (rich in fiber and Vitamin A) can become a wonderful, slightly sweet and a somewhat spicy dish, if you go the clean route: no … Read more

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