10 Ways to boost immunity and not catch a flu

Flu season is everywhere and flu shots are only 60% effective. There is no way around it: we need to make sure our families’ immunity is at its peak. If your immune system is strong, you would recover quickly- even … Read more

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Guest post by: Elizabeth Lotts writer for Vitacost.com Looking for a family-friendly vegetarian dinner? Whether you subscribe only to Meatless Mondays or are a committed vegetarian every day of the week, there are dinner dishes that go beyond spaghetti sans … Read more

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Heart-Warming Vegetarian Casserole

Heart-warming food, the kind that reminds you of home with the first bite. Warm, hearty and simple and full of potatoes- this is what this vegetarian casserole is all about. It works as a vegan dish, too, if you use … Read more

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Animal Games for Attention and Vocabulary

“Find an Animal” is a wonderful way to teach preschoolers and toddlers about the art of paying attention, the Montessori way. As the kids have to very intently look into the pictures in order to find the hidden animal, they … Read more

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Grain-Free Banana Bread

What do you do with bananas, which are about to go bad? I bake this easy vegan gluten-free and grain-free banana bread. I also freeze my bananas and use them for smoothies, but that’s another story. This recipe requires you … Read more

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Quick Homemade Wellness Lemonade

Everyone knows that it’s important to drink when you’re sick. Now, try and explain it to kids without the help of a bottle of sweet juice or a soda. This homemade wellness lemonade has tons of vitamin C, raw honey, … Read more

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3 Steps To Preschool Writing

Ideally, everything your preschooler learns should be a game. Learning through fun and play has been proven to be the most effective kind of learning at that age. So how do you begin to teach writing? By giving your child … Read more

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Layered Orange and Green Smoothie

If you can make a smoothie with your eyes closed, it’s time to start making strikingly gorgeous smoothies! This layered green and orange smoothie is so pretty, the kids would gobble it right up. With healthy fats, Vitamins A, C, … Read more

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Flourless Chocolate Muffins

If you follow a gluten-free or a Paleo diet, or if you simply like lighter desserts, flourless chocolate muffins are a must. Full of chocolate goodness without the grains, these muffins are heavenly! I like my cake separate and my … Read more

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Montessori Geometry Work

I bought a set of Montessori geometric shapes and corresponding shape cards on ebay. You can be a lot less fancy, if you simply own a good set of wooden blocks. I really enjoy how the child can learn “live” … Read more

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Pomegranate Smoothie

Sweet, juicy, tender: everything is great about pomegranates, except for they stain your hands when you eat them and the hands stay dirty for days afterwards! None of this dirty business happens if you simply put your pomegranate seeds into … Read more

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White play dough is probably my ¬†favorite homemade play dough recipe, so we make it quite often. In the winter, it can also be used as a base for play dough paintings. I took a snapshot of what we did … Read more

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