Natural Vitality is giving away one $100 e-gift card to their online store. Their store is a gem full of high quality whole food-based, bioavailable vitamins and supplements. The company mailed me some to try and I fell in love with … Read more

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For a red and “full of hearts” Valentine’s day project, I made  a sensory tub. A simple, red and happy tub, centered around “pouring” as a theme. Since toddlers and even preschoolers are obsessed with pouring, the tub really worked … Read more

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how to make kefir at home easily

Kefir is incredibly healthy probiotic-rich food that can be easily made at home to save time and money.  Kefir is a creamy, drinkable fermented milk that tastes a lot like buttermilk. It is fermented by kefir grains that contain the bacteria … Read more

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bird feeder made at home

Birds are hungry in the winter and making a bird feeder is a wonderful and easy activity for the kids to learn and help the environment. Watching the kids waiting for the birds, watching the birds and studying the birds, … Read more

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Collard Green Hummus Cranberry Wraps are an explosion of flavor: the sweet and slightly sour dried cranberries, the creamy hummus and the crispy veggies, what more is there to want in a wrap? There is one more thing: a dip! … Read more

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With the recent gluten-free craze, are we forgetting about the health benefits of rye? Rye supplies high levels of iron, calcium, potassium and zinc as well as vitamin E and a variety of B vitamins.  Rye is also a good … Read more

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We had a large snowfall recently and one of the highlights of that day was taking the kids outside in the morning to examine the footprints of various animals on the snow. Seeing the interest this activity has generated, I … Read more

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25 healthy uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

With norovirus on the rise, it’s very important to keep your gut bacteria healthy and nourished with fermented foods and probiotics. It’s also important to create and alkaline environment in the body, because all bacteria and viruses thrive on acid. … Read more

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Some days you want something light and fruity. Layered smoothies are so pretty, I often feel bad about drinking them. And when I do, I turn into my two year old daughter: first I sample the top layer with a … Read more

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Tropical Traditions is Giving Away a Jar of Organic Raw Honey! Giveaway is closed. The winner is Katie Gooey, delicious, healthy, creamy and raw: you can’t find a better quality product. I know, because they sent me a jar and it … Read more

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  Sun Dried Tomato,Quinoa and Chickpea Salad tastes like a vegan dream: moist, chewy, tangy and yummy in all the right places. With this salad, you are getting protein, folic acid, magnesium, iron, calcium and healthy fats. Sounds like a … Read more

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Cold winter days naturally lend themselves to quiet children’s activities, such as Montessori-inspired sorting. We work on sorting objects a few times a week in our homeschool preschool, trying to be in connection with the seasons. For winter, we chose … Read more

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