vegan strawberry milkshake

This dairy-free strawberry milkshake is thick, creamy and perfect for the days when you crave something creamy and fruity. Low-fat coconut milk will produce a watery shake, so I wouldn’t recommend using it. If you like this recipe, try my … Read more

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White Play Dough

White play dough is a wonderful sensory tool for children’s creativity and imagination. White play dough can be anything: it can be the blue sky and the green grass. And when the kids are done playing, you can add a … Read more

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vegetarian casserole with collard leaves

Collard green leaves are nature’s perfect invention for stuffing. Rich in folate, calcium, manganese and vitamins A, C and K , they don’t need to be softened, like cabbage leaves in order to hold the stuffing. I use collards for … Read more

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Leftover Spaghetti Casserole

Do you ever have spaghetti leftovers? This quick recipe utilizes them very efficiently, and includes some veggies, too. I used yellow zucchini squash and its color blended perfectly with the pasta, which could be an advantage if you need to … Read more

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Learn Colors With Paint Chips

I learned that in order to teach colors to your toddler effectively, you need to come up with ways for the colors to come “alive,” as opposed to just point at colors in books. This project engaged my two toddlers … Read more

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Homemade Garden Markers

  We have an organic garden, which the kids helped to plant a little while ago. They love watering it every day and seeing the plants grow. We planted carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and various herbs. After having the … Read more

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Grain-Free Banana Cookies

These grain-free cookies are crispy on the putside and chewy on the inside. They are made with arrowroot and quinoa flour. Arrowroot powder is made of a dried root of a tropical plant. Most commonly considered a grain, quinoa is actually … Read more

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handprints painted on tree for fathers day gift

We found this Father’s Day gift idea on pinterest. It is very simple, yet meaningful. Ask the kids to draw a family tree with as many branches as they choose and then use their green handprints  as leaves.  

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Chickpea Scramble

I love the naturally gluten-free and protein-rich chickpea flour. I have successfully used it in cookies, pancakes and crackers. Recently, I read that in Indian dishes, chickpea flour is mixed with spices prior to being cooked. So, I mixed my flour … Read more

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Clothespins and Flash Cards For Spelling

We did this fun activity using wooden clothespins in two languages. Firstly, we wrote two sets of alphabets on clothespins and put each alphabet in its own ziplock bag. You can use stickers, instead of writing out the letters – … Read more

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Healthy Caesar Salad

Do you know what’s in a Caesar Salad? Virtually nutrient-free light-colored lettuce, croutons, cheese and Caesar dressing, which typically contains emulsifiers and hydrogenated fats, unless you make it at home. If you like simplicity, this Healthy Caesar salad tastes better … Read more

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Trail Mix Cookies

I got a big bag of gluten-free oats from When I wanted to make my chewy oatmeal raisin cookies, I sadly realized I was out of raisins. And so, I baked these trail mix cookies instead. Crunchy on the outside, … Read more

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