Today only, there is a huge sale on Melissa & Doug toys on I love using their toys in our homeschool! They are extremely entertaining, encouraging for the imagination,durable and the children love them. Here are some of our … Read more

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Organic Lacinato (Dino) kale

Grimmway Farms sent me a coupon to buy some of their products for a review. I bought organic Lacinato (Dino) kale. This type of kale is softer than the regular kind. it is also easier to wash, because the leaves … Read more

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A friend asked me how to make a casserole out of rice, sweet potatoes, carrots and butternut squash. I just caught my kids’ 24 hour stomach flu, so I said something like: “Mix it with eggs and bake.”  She had … Read more

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Sea vegetables have various health benefits. They are detoxifying and beneficial to the thyroid gland, are used to cleanse the lymphatic system, to stimulate stagnant liver and to alkalize the blood. Sea vegetables (seaweeds) can be purchased in a health food … Read more

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Have you ever tried making your own salt dough? It’s slightly drier than play dough in consistency and can be used in many craft projects. It is very good for sculptures and for making Christmas ornaments with cookie cutters ( which … Read more

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We were learning about different types of birds, where they live and what they eat , so a sensory tub was a must to complete the experience! We filled out the tub with black beans, corn, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, … Read more

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foods rich in iron

I love the combination of hot and cold ingredients in my salads. And I love beets, because I am Russian and beet juice runs in our blood. So, I made kale and roasted beets salad -rich in iron and ridiculously … Read more

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Gluten-Free Pasta With Veggies

  What do you do with pasta? I have a confession to make: I am not too crazy about tomato-based sauces, even though I make them sometimes. I am also not crazy about creamy sauces, especially considering how unhealthy they … Read more

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We did our first official chemistry experiment, which (accidentally) turned out into an art project! I gave my son a tray of baking soda and five plastic cups. We poured vinegar into each cup, adding different food colorings to vinegar. … Read more

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moussaka vegan

Moussaka is a traditional Greek eggplant-based casserole-like dish, typically laden with meat and cheese. At my house, moussaka is made very simple. I like to prepare my vegan cheese sauce ahead of time, as it keeps fresh in the fridge … Read more

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tahini nutritional yeast sauce

I came up with a wonderful calcium-rich cheese-free, yet “cheese-like” sauce for raw and steamed vegetables or grains. I was making a tahini sauce the other day and wanted to see what happens if I added some vitamin B-rich nutritional … Read more

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The subject of feeding vegetables to kids appears to be very hot at healthy mama. Recently, I was talking about vegetable smoothies, which are generally sweet blended drinks that contain a lot of healthy vegetables. And then came the email … Read more

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