Yummy vegetable soup

Most vegetable soups are  a bland mixture of veggies, maybe pureed with some cream: boring. This vegetable soup is an explosion of flavor, because of the sweet purple cabbage and the spices. You can still taste the vegetables, as they … Read more

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mini scooters in all colors

Kickboard is giving away 4 Mini Scooters !!! We just tried a wonderful mini kick scooter by Kickboard and my little boy can’t have enough of it. His little sister is asking for the same scooter in pink. My little boy zooms … Read more

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The North Pole Sensory Tub

Since this time of the year my kids are preoccupied with everything Santa, we decided to learn about Santa’s home: The North Pole. We read in an encyclopedia about the arctic topography, climate, location, animals, etc. Even my 2 year … Read more

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Raw Lemon Cheesecake, No Nuts

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you know that I am a fan of raw cheesecakes: vegan and full of nutrients, they taste just like the real deal! Most raw cheesecakes, are based on nuts: cashews for … Read more

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Red cranberry vineagar

Homemade cranberry vinegar makes every salad taste festive and every healthy family meal more fun. It also makes a beautiful homemade holiday gift. I like to pulse the cranberries in my blender, instead of chopping them by hand, while making … Read more

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Gingerbread breakfast smoothie, vegan and healthy

If gingerbread houses and cookie recipes leave you exhausted, but you would still like a taste of the season, put your gingerbread in a blender! With each sip, this vegan gingerbread smoothie tastes like holiday. I like to serve it … Read more

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Clay ornaments

If you made some white clay from this recipe, maybe you want to take your clay play further. This holiday craft will bring up big smiles on kids’ faces: the white ornaments are beautiful, easy to make and can be … Read more

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Best healthy vegan gingerbread cookies

I’ve been told that my vegan gingerbread cookies are the best cookies ever. As a huge fan of gingerbread (and anything spicy,) I have experimented with multiple recipes for years and found the key to a successful ginger cookie to be … Read more

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White Clay for winter projects that is easy to make!

You have probably worked with play dough and are an expert on salt dough. This winter season, you can also try homemade clay: it takes 3 minutes to make, it is moldeable, fun to work with and it is winter-white! … Read more

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Three types of pompom ornaments

Pompom ornaments look cute and are easily made. Kids get a chance to work on their fine motor skills and get a good sense of accomplishment while doing so. I didn’t make a hole inside a wreath, to make it … Read more

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Red, white and green festive pasta

The secret to this red, green and white festive pasta is spinach gluten-free spaghetti. The rest is just a simple combo of winning flavors that always work together: fresh basil, sun dried tomatoes and olive oil. Throw in some baby … Read more

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Maple Cookies, 10 healthy ways

Holidays would not be the same without all the yummy holiday cookies. These maple cookies are very easy to make; they smell of maple syrup and are an interesting melt-in-your-mouth  twist on the classical sugar cookie. If you triple this … Read more

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