Handprint christmas tree craft

Of all the Christmas crafts, this one can be done with kids of various ages, so that everyone can have fun. We used recycled sponge paintings and some construction paper, but you can use any green paper you’d like. Gift … Read more

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Dairy -free lemon vanilla cool whip

When given a choice between chocolate and vanilla, I am always a loyal vanilla girl. And if vanilla is mixed with lemon, I am in heaven! This dairy-free and easy-to make coconut cream can either be eaten as a dessert … Read more

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homemade no-cook play dough

I have many play dough recipes on this site, but if you are still wondering “Why make play dough?” This recipe is so easy, you may as well find out why. Homemade play dough smells better, it is more moldable … Read more

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Vegan creamy butternut squash soup with 3 ingredients!

There are thousands of ways to make something as simple as a good butternut squash soup. As a rule of thumb, this soup needs to be relatively light, yet creamy, slightly sweet, yet not overpower you with sweetness. Through years … Read more

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easy legwarmers knitting pattern

                                        I knit my two year old daughter some legwarmers. The pattern was easy and the whole job took me 2.5 hours, start … Read more

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Do you feel somewhat toxic and heavy after the holiday? Duh, show me someone who does not. This light and bright crunchy veggie salad has a lot of nutrients and fiber to nourish you. It also has festive cranberries and … Read more

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Post-eds apple craft for toddlers

No matter what you are doing, toddlers will always try to mess it up, be involved and otherwise, be noticed. The best things to get toddlers occupied are simple things, like pots and pans, sensory tubs, water, bags full of … Read more

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Vegan and Vegetarian Stuffing

Eating no turkey for Thanksgiving shouldn’t mean eating no stuffing. This vegan stuffing is cooked in a large casserole dish, instead of being stuffed into a bird. I also like to bake this vegan stuffing inside of a pre-roasted cleaned … Read more

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thanksgiving turkey craft

Inspired by the thankful turkey craft, we made our little thankful turkey yesterday. Since our turkey only has four feathers, my preschooler had to come up with four things which he is the most grateful for. Apparently, it’s his playroom, … Read more

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peanut butter chocolate vegan cookie in 1 minute

Inspired by 1-minute healthy chocolate chip cookie, this peanut butter-laden version is easy to make and exceptionally tasty. If you have any unexpected guests this holiday season, you can always have some cookies ready for them.

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Roasted pumpkin salad with spicy lentils, kale and avocado

While roasted pumpkin is a seasonal must, salads are… Well, not so much. Who really wants to eat a pile of cold vegetables? This salad is made of warm spicy lentils, sweet roasted pumpkin and some crunchy baby kale leaves. … Read more

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fall-themed mosaic applications for toddlers and preschoolers

Mosaic-type work of cutting, tearing and pasting teaches small kids very important skills. It teaches them fine motor skills, scissor skills and how to be neat and get things done. We do a lot of simple mosaic-type work in our homeschool … Read more

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