Mushroom Buckwheat Potato Soup

My friend cooked a really nice soup with buckwheat and potatoes last week and my family loved it. A few days later, I made my own version of this vegetarian soup. I like to put turmeric in everything and this … Read more

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puff paint

We made puff paint a few weeks ago. This project was a big hit, because of the voluminous texture of this paint and also because it puffs up in a microwave. Just put your painting in a microwave once it’s … Read more

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10 Fun And Healthy Lunches For Kids

Who said healthy lunches are boring? If your kids are not fans of healthy foods, or if you would like them to try something different and fun for lunch, try these suggestions: Dipping Lunches: Fruit and veggie slices dipped in … Read more

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Pegboard Workbench

I gave my son a fun project to work on his fine motor skills, while Daddy was fixing something in the garage.  I screwed a  bunch of screws into a pegboard and asked him to unscrew them and then screw them … Read more

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Breakfast Cookie

I like to make steel-cut oats for breakfast and am quite frequently stuck with oatmeal leftovers. I recently put them into a cookie and was very happy with the results. Why wouldn’t I be? I made healthy cookies with 5 … Read more

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Tomato Avocado Salad

I love tomato mozzarella salad and have been making this dairy-free version of it for a while. I never thought anything of it, until a friend said it was awesome and that I should share it here. And so, here … Read more

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Sensory Tubs-Project Rain

Remember our water beads? It was raining today, so we left them outside, allowing the rain to naturally expand them. Then, I made “project rain” – a sensory tub about the rain. In my mind rain is associated with umbrellas … Read more

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Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

If you like peanut butter/banana combination, try these wonderful muffins. They are tasty, do not have any added sugar and are easy to make. I think these make a great addition to a picnic basket or a lunch box. If … Read more

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Shower Cream Painting

What do you do for bath toys? I take a muffin tray, put some shower cream in each opening and add a few drops of food coloring. I mix the paints and give to my kids. Our shower time is … Read more

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Butternut Squash Vegan Queso

There is nothing like the hot and the spicy rich queso dip. If it has a hidden vegetable and happens to be vegan, it is only better! This butternut squash queso has no dairy and it’s texture comes from the … Read more

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What are you cooking for Cinco de Mayo? I am making a kid-friendly ( and cute) dish: taco cups. Serve these cups with a salad, rice, guacamole or avocado slices and cilantro. These taco cups are filled with vegetables and … Read more

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Lemon Salt Scrub

What if I told you about a beautiful and unique Mother’s Day gift that takes 5 minutes to make and costs about $1? I made a wonderful Lemon Salt Scrub and it turned out really well. Citrus smells are considered … Read more

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