As adults, we tend to think in linear ways: if we are doing a particular arts and crafts activity with our kids,  it’s difficult to visualize how it can also be a game with toys in it. Or, how … Read more

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Wholemeal pasta

This salad is wonderful for lunch or for eating at a picnic: just add some green leaves for health value. I usually use rice pasta for it, but other varieties should work fine. The salad is also good as part … Read more

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tahini sauce

 Tahini is a sesame seed paste, widely used in Middle Eastern cooking. Having spent some time in Israel, I absolutely love its flavor! You can buy tahini in any Middle Eastern grocery store and in any health food store. This … Read more

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Both of my pregnancies were easy. I never felt too big to tie my shoes or to go for a walk. My butt never grew: I was all belly both times. I also had very little aches and pains that … Read more

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These peppers lack meat, but not flavor. If your kid doesn’t eat vegetables, he or she is very likely to feel a lot warmer towards these stuffed peppers (I don’t know the reason for it.)  

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oatmeal cookies

Yesterday I told you to bake your own cookies. These are my favorite “healthy” cookies. Lighter and fluffier than regular ones, they melt in your mouth. Frequently, we bake them together with my oldest son: he “measures” out the ingredients. … Read more

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Prior to spending my days worrying if my breast milk tasted ok or pondering the best way to discipline a whining toddler, I was a nutrition consultant in Manhattan. I also made yoga DVDs, shot infomercials and modeled for magazines. … Read more

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Doughnuts, crackers, cookies, pastries, vegetable shortenings, some margarines , potato and corn chips, imitation cheeses,  frostings and candies are  all likely to contain trans fats, even if their labels say otherwise.  All of those products have polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can … Read more

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First of all, to help with future reading, it’s a lot easier to learn letters as phonetic sounds, as opposed to as letter names.  Secondly, you need to figure out if your child learns better by hearing, by making things … Read more

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What I love about baked apples is that you can eat them for a healthy desert that is low in calories, but tastes amazing. I also love the fact that you can scoop up the mushy part of the apples … Read more

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  My oldest was fully potty trained by 17 months. Here’s a little article I wrote, while working on training him: “What?”- all of my Euro friends say, “Your nine month-old is still in diapers???”  Well, no. He is 14 … Read more

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If you don’t use seaweed in your cooking, start with kombu: it’s what I did a few years ago. Kombu is one of the most versatile seaweeds : it can be baked, fried, roasted or sauteed. It can be added … Read more

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