Tornado in a Jar

If you would like to make this tornado in a jar, get ready to make it over and over again! And chances are, you will want to make it over and over again, because it’s really cool. Tornado in a … Read more

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Italian Quinoa

If you love Italian food and would like to experiment with protein-rich quinoa, this dish can pleasantly surprise you, as its taste is very reminiscent of a plate of penne with tomato sauce. If you are gluten-free, this quinoa dish … Read more

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Ice Sculpture

We made some stunning ice sculptures. The kids were so fascinated by the beauty of these sculptures that they asked me to freeze them and try them again later. You need an empty milk carton, some kosher salt and food … Read more

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vegan carrot cake pops

I love carrot cake and know how to make a killer raw version of it. This time, I wanted to make something kid-friendly and fun. Seeing cake pops all over the Internet gave me an idea: carrot cake pops! These … Read more

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Letter Sticks for Phonics and Spelling

We did a simple, yet educational preschool activity, which helped my preschooler’s spelling, letter recognition and phonics skills. We made letter sticks, which could be used for many different letter games and activities. Take wooden sticks and stick stickers with … Read more

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Arugula, Blueberries and Walnuts Salad

Normally, I don’t like berries in salads. Arugula and blueberries, however, compliment each other remarkably well: one is slightly bitter and spicy and another one is sweet and light. Nutritionally, this is one of the most well-balanced salads: it has … Read more

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Chalk Paint

Do you have leftover chalk? My kids love drawing with chalk, so we always have small pieces of it all over the driveway. This project is an easy way to recycle your leftover chalk pieces into something creative and fun. … Read more

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Raw Chocolate Cupcakes

Not only do these raw chocolate cupcakes taste decadently rich and creamy, they are also very easy to make and contain no processed ingredients. The fact that there is no baking time involved is definitely a plus, too. There are … Read more

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Healthy Vegetarian Recipe for every meal

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes Guest post by Vitacost Being vegetarian doesn’t always mean eating healthy. Avoid falling into the cheesy pasta trap with healthy vegetarian recipes that are so easy the kids can help with the cooking, too. Use these breakfast, … Read more

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Zucchini Bell Pepper Casserole

This vegetarian casserole makes  an easy an tasty summer dinner: it’s filling, yet still light to give you plenty of energy for summer activities. We have a wonderful farmer’s market store  not far from our house. It has a tractor … Read more

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Play Dough Sensory Tub: Sea

This is a wonderfully fun sensory tub that can be made out of leftover homemade play dough. I also used water beads that the kids got bored of. I took a tray and filled half of it with play dough … Read more

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Learn To Read With A Muffin Tin

I love my muffin tin and use it to bake all kinds of delicious and healthy goodies. Yesterday, we used it to learn how to read. We did this exercise in English, but since our homeschool is bilingual, we are … Read more

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