Healthy Kitchen Equipment

I have all of these products in my kitchen and find them very helpful in creating healthy family recipes. You can purchase all of this healthy kitchen equipment in my Amazon store.

Baking Dishes – How are you going to make all of my wonderful casseroles? I prefer clay and glass.

Baking Tins And Trays – In our house, they are also used for play dough play and as finger paint storage.

Blender- I am head over hills in love with my Vitamix blender and all the different functions it can serve.


Bowls – for measuring, storing, eating.

Cutting Boards – I like bamboo and wood, but good flexible silicone works, too.

Citrus Zester – It’s an exceptionally helpful and cheap little device.

Citrus Juicer – A lot of my recipes use freshly squeezed citrus-juice, so it’s a good thing to have

Convection Oven – it uses a fan to distribute heat evenly as your food bakes, and it comes in especially handy for low-fat bakery recipes. You want to slightly undercook lower-fat renditions of brownies and cookies so you’ll get the desired chewy texture. In my experience, you’re less likely to overcook these items when using a convection oven.

Dehydrator – If you want to make raw dishes, this one is a must. You can also make your own dry fruit in it.

Flame Deflector

Food Processor – Once again, my Vitamix is really helpful here, since it’s both a blender and a food processor.

Food Processor Mini Or Mini Prep – When you need to chop just a little bit of herbs or veggies. also works for baby food.
Gas Stove or Cooktop- I think you can control the heat a lot better with gas.

Grater- I can’t live without one

Iron-cast skillet – Cheap and healthy way to make food. I suggest you buy iron-cast skillets on different sizes. I use mine twice a day!

Japanese Vegetable Slicer And Shredder

Japanese Mandoline – One of my all-time favorites, it slices vegetables in every possible shape and size.

Kitchen Scales

Knives – Invest in a quality set

Mason Jars

Measuring Cups And Spoons – I can’t live without my set. They are also helpful in teaching kids about measurements.

Microplane Grater


Mortar And Pestle – To grind spices

Nut Milk Bag – To strain sauces, to make nut milks. this cheap accesorry is a must-have in a healthy kitchen.
Oil sprayer -Sometimes you need just a little bit of oil on the cooking surface or on your food.

Pastry Brush

Pastry Scraper

Pots And Pans I prefer not to use Teflon, because it’s been linked to an array of health conditions. We use

Pressure Cooker

Ramekins- Get them in all sizes. They are great for figuring out and measuring ingredients. We even eat breakfast out of them sometimes.

Rice Cooker

Rolling Pin – I use it both for cookies and for homemade play dough games.

Salad Spinner


Sieve/Strainer/Colander- Makes life easier.

Skewers -Good thing to have

Spatulas- I prefer bamboo and silicone

Spice Grinder Or Coffee Grinder- I use it to grind spices and flaxseed.


Vegetable Peeler – I also use it to make raw “spaghetti.”

Wok – For quick healthy stir-fries