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The power of social media platforms has influenced a lot of people to discover several hobbies and interests as an antidote to their monotonous lifestyle. Having to spend most of their time in the office doing the same job everyday has made them crave for something to do that would only require their interest and sometimes curiosity. Cooking for one. With chefs showcasing their cooking skills all over Facebook and Instagram, gastronomy created frenzy among the wannabe chefs and those who cook for the sake of doing something different.

But would it be possible for anyone to learn cooking without having to enroll in culinary schools or join cooking workshops? The answer is YES. I have never gone to any cooking school but I successfully cooked several dishes on my own and even recreated complicated ones just by looking for some inspiring techniques. The only requirements you need to fulfill in this field are feeding your interest, enhancing your senses of smell and taste and learning some cooking tips and techniques.

Choose The Best Storage for Your Ingredients
Cooking isn’t just about creating the best recipes or coming up with the most delicious dishes. If you want to ensure your ingredients are fresh, make sure you store them in places that preserve their freshness and put them in storage jars, plastics and other safe containers. If some of the ingredients need to be sealed to avoid moisture, use the best vacuum sealer before storing them. Nothing is more delicious than a dish prepared from fresh ingredients.

Now, moving on to cooking], here are 5 advanced cooking
tips and techniques which you may want to consider the next time you roll your sleeves in the kitchen:

1. Always turn the heat up when frying or searing meat an fish. ]In doing this, you also need to use a pan that can bring heat to its optimum level so you will cook the meat or the fish as required. For extra crispy cooking, heat plays the trick. When you put the meat or fish directly to unheated oil, it will be hard for you to turn it over
because it will stick on the pan. Furthermore, try to space out the meat or fish to equally distribute heat or else the other pieces get cooked first than the rest.

2. When grilling and broiling, always prepare the meat in advance and make sure that it is within room temperature and not frozen in order not to affect its taste after grilling. As much as possible, use the best pellet smoker not just for convenience as you start grilling but also to ensure the quality of meat is preserved. There are a lot of choices but try to get a digitally controlled one that comes in motorized. This is to make everything time saving without sacrificing the taste and quality of your meat.

3. Don’t forget to include an anti-griddle in your kitchen. It is the counterpart of griddle used to make some dessert. It has a cool surface in contrast to the griddle. When you are fond of cooking pancakes, you will need a flat griddle in metal surface that can regulate heat based on the recipe you want to cook. This is also perfect for some grilled cheese. So, the surprising thing is, the anti-griddle makes everything cool because the griddle is utilized for cooking hot foods. If you want to make everything easier in the kitchen,
you had better make sure you buy the counterpart when you decide to purchase either of them. They complement each other.

4. Again don’t be afraid of turning up the heat. This time in roasting. Maybe you will have doubts, especially if you’re relying on someone else’s recipe. Be flexible and try everything that may make your cooking different. In roasting, the higher the heat, the more your meat becomes tender while leaving the skin crispy. Would you allow yourself eating something that is way too low than your expectations? You are the cook, so everything is within your control. You will notice that when your roasting temperature is low, the meat becomes too soft but the texture is more fibrous. With high temperature you retain the
texture of the meat while making it tender at the same time. Fortunately, this technique will also save you some time as it makes cooking time shorter.

5. Blend all the ingredients before cooking. For recipes that require you to chop the spices for more flavorful result, just blend all the spices starting from the soft ones which can generate liquid. You need to put the hard ones only after you create some liquid to blend everything smoothly. When you do this technique, you will be surprised at how smooth everything comes out. Another good thing about blending
the ingredients is the enhanced flavor when you soak them or even when you pour them through boiling water. It is because every flavor is combined with the other flavors.  Compared to simply chopping the ingredients, blending will truly give you a better experience when cooking.

Are you now ready to hit the kitchen with your best recipe and the right attitude? Everything is handy and you just need to test your skills at once. After reading the tips and techniques, you also need to remember that a successful cooking comes from preparation. Don’t just simply get the ingredients from the refrigerator or cupboard at the time you are cooking. You need to prepare the ingredients in advance so you don’t waste your time and less mistakes are committed.

Above all things, be a positive cook! Always think that you will come up with the best recipe every time you plan on cooking something. When you bring positivity in the kitchen with you, everything else becomes easy and hassle free. So the next time you
bring yourself to the kitchen, bring these tips and techniques with you!

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Dr. Anastasia Halldin holds a Ph.D in holistic nutrition. She is a homeschooling mother of four boys and a girl. Dr. Anastasia starred on a yoga TV show. She also produced and appeared in thirteen yoga DVDs. Dr. Anastasia speaks four languages and loves doing crafts with her children. She adores sharing her easy healthy family recipes with other mothers.
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