Needle-Felted Fall Leaf Bookmarks make a pretty DIY project or a handmade gift. I love opening a book and seeing a handmade bookmark, which reminds me of my favorite season.

The leaves are made with the help of leaf-shaped cookie cutters. You also need a little bit wool roving in fall colors, some colorful embroidery thread for the tail, a needle, a felting needle, a felting mat and scissors.

needle-felted-fall-leaf-bookmarksThe leaves look more realistic if you use more than one color. Firstly, put the cookie cutter onto the felting mat. Put the wool of desired color inside the cookie cutter to fill it and begin to repeatedly stab the wool with the felting needle. The process is explained here. Since the cookie cutters used for this project are small, a felting needle is better than a felting tool in this case.

Then, add a little bit of the second ( lighter) color on top and stab the wool again. Yellow works best as the second color. Remove the cookie cutter and stab the leaf on the other side and around the edges.

Using very thin strips of brown wool, create the veins on the leaf, by stabbing the brown strips onto the leaf.

Cut some pieces of thread to be of the same length. Tie a know around all pieces of embroidery thread. This is how you make the “tail” of the bookmark.

Using a needle and a thread, attach the pieces of thread (the tail) to the bottom of the leaf.

Tie the end of the tail together.

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