Four Ways to Beat the Winter Workout Blahs

by Joao Pedro

After getting through months of extra hot and sweaty workouts in the dog days of summer, you were probably delighted when fall arrived with cooler temperatures. But as the weeks went by, the mercury continued to drop, and now you are trying to psych yourself up for months of exercise in the frigid cold.

While you might be tempted to put your workouts on hold until spring rolls around, getting regular exercise can also help you ward off winter blues and holiday weight gain. Fortunately, there are ways to beat a winter workout. Check out the following ideas:

Make Up a New Workout Playlist

A great way to get up and moving when it’s cold and gray outside is with some cheerful new workout music. Update your exercise playlist with some new tunes — if you love holiday music, there are lots of upbeat songs you can include, like Ella Fitzgerald’s take on “Jingle Bells.” If your smartphone has seen better days, treat yourself to an early holiday gift of a new phone — a great example is the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. In addition to being a terrific smartphone with tons of features — including the ability to play your new song list —the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is dust and water-resistant, which means if it starts to pour cold rain during your workout, the phone will keep on merrily playing your tunes. Sweat and dirt will also not affect this innovative phone.

Get Some New Duds

There is something about new exercise clothing that has a magical effect on the desire to workout. As Fit and Healthy Everyday notes, invest in some new winter workout gear; not only will this give you the proper coverage and warmth that you need to safely exercise outdoors, knowing that you have spent some of your hard earned money on new workout duds will also motivate you to use them. Be sure to also spring for slip-resistant shoes that will help prevent you from falling on the snow or ice.

Work Out Indoors

On those days when the snow is coming down quickly or it’s raining freezing cats and dogs, give yourself permission to skip the outdoor workout and see what you can do indoors. As UH Hospitals notes, you can get your heart pumping inside your own home; for example, run up and down your stairs, or try an exercise CD and get your cardio or Zumba on in your living room. You can also do plenty of calisthenics in your home — your dog might look at your quizzically as you complete your set of lunges, sit ups, burpees and push-ups, but remind yourself that even a short amount of indoor exercise will still benefit your health.

Join a Fitness Class

Another great way to get your heart rate pumping when old man winter is going nuts outside is to sign up at a gym and join some fitness classes. Most gyms have a variety of classes that you can try — everything from cardio and spinning to dance and yoga. Some gyms allow you to sign a monthly contract, so if you are ready to head back outside again when spring comes, you won’t be out a ton of money. If you would prefer to work out on an elliptical or stationary bike, most big box gyms have rooms filled with tons of equipment as well as a friendly staff who will show you how to use it.

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