Sensory Colorful Chickpeas are beautiful and fun for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids to play with.  The colors of these chickpeas can be mixed together. Children just love to measure, pour and sift through this sensory material.

My children also play with Sensory Colorful Chickpeas, using play dough.

Colorful Chickpeas






They make bowls for the chickpeas and they also make pretend cookies and cupcakes, using these chickpeas.Play with Sensory Colorful Chickpeas

To make Sensory Colorful Chickpeas:

You need: food coloring, chickpeas, ziplock bags, white vinegar, parchment paper

Put some chickpeas into ziplock bags: one color per bag.

Add a few drops of white vinegar to each bag to seal the color in. Add some food coloring to each bag.

Get all the air out of the bag and seal it.

Give the bags to the kids to shake hard in order to distribute the color evenly.

Place the colorful chickpeas on parchment paper to dry. If you use gel food coloring, the drying process would take 30 minutes. If you use liquid food coloring, it may extend to a few hours.


Sensory Colorful Chickpeas

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