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Cuts, bumps, bruises, poison ivy, and bug bites…these often go hand in hand with exploring children. As much as you try to tell them to be careful as they play, they always manage to find some way to get into something without your knowledge. Since kids can be so unpredictable as they explore the great outdoors, it’s probably best that you stay prepared with a first aid kid. First aid kits can be great resources for treating boo boos and more.

Keep More Than One

You never know where your children or someone you love could end up injured. Therefore, you want to try and stock more than one first aid kit. Keep one in your house in a central location where the adults can easily access it. You should also keep one in your car so that it travels wherever you decide to go. If you have more than one vehicle, you may need to invest in more than one kit so you don’t have to remember to transfer the first aid kit every time you switch cars.

List of Supplies

There are a plethora of first aid supplies that you can place in your safety kit. From commonly used supplies like band aids and hydrocortisone to supplies for more serious injuries like gauze, a sling, and braces, there are many options to consider. Below are some of the things you should definitely add to your first aid kit.

·  Mini Pre-made Kits – To get the basic supplies for a first aid kit, the easiest option would be to purchase a pre-made kit. They are great because they include varying sized gauze, band aids, and tape. They also include antibiotic ointment.

·  Water bottles – When your child comes to you with a cut you will need to clean out the wound first. Having a water bottle on hand allows you to clean out the wound. Water is also great to have for the kids should they get thirsty and there are no fountains nearby.

·  Benadryl – If you’re going to keep any type of medication in your first aid kit, Benadryl or a similar product is best. It can soothe itching or allergic reactions that may have resulted from things such as an insect bite or hive breakouts.

·  Epi-pen – If your children have experienced severe reactions to insect bites, food, or other allergens, it is a good idea to consult with their doctor about an epi-pen prescription. This is used to prevent severe allergic reactions that can lead to death. Keep the epi-pen in a location that is easy to grab.

·  Pain medication – While most pre-made first aid kits come with aspirin, Tylenol or ibuprofen, you may need to add some of the liquid forms for your children.

·  Bug spray – if you plan on taking the kids outdoors a lot, such as to take a hike or head to the park, you’ll want to make sure you have bug spray on hand. Insect bites can be more than just annoying, as it can easily become infected or cause illness. To prevent this from happening, spray the kids down before they get out of the car.

·  Hydrocortisone Cream – If your children happen to be bit by a bug, you’ll want to have hydrocortisone cream on hand. It helps to soothe itches from bug bites, poison ivy, and more.

·  Finger Splint – Believe it or not, broken bones are another common injury with children. You’ll want to have a finger splint on hand to bandage them up until they reach the doctor.

·  Alcohol wipes – To sterilize first aid tools or to clean the skin before applying ointment, alcohol wipes come in handy. You can find them individually wrapped so it’s more convenient to use.

·  Ace Bandage – Sprained ankles can be easily supported with the help of an ace bandage.

I for one never go anywhere without making sure that I have the above first aid kit supplies on hand. While the hope is that the kids don’t hurt themselves too badly, one can never be too sure. Having the first aid kit on hand gives me the peace of mind that I need. Remember to store more than one kit around the house and in your cars to ensure that you’re prepared no matter where you are.

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