Lemon has stimulating, calming, carminative, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, sleep inducing, and antifungal properties, so lemon essential oil has multiple uses.

addtext_com_MjIxMTUwMTk5NjI325 Lemon Essential Oil Uses:

Laundry. In case you leave your laundry sitting in the washer too long, just add a few drop of lemon EO and your clothes won’t get that nasty smell.

Teeth Whitener. Mix lemon essential oil, baking soda and coconut oil and rub on your teeth for 2 minutes. Rinse.

Increases metabolism. Putting 2 drops of lemon oil in your water three times daily can reportedly support metabolism.

Improves Mood. Diffusing lemon essential oil in the air can lift mood.

Add to your cooking and baking. Use a couple drops of lemon essential oil to add an extra flavor to desserts like lemon bars, cake, tarts or savory dishes.

Flavor your water. Add one or two drops to a tall glass of cold water.

Soothe a sore throat. Add lemon essential oil, honey and some hot water to a mug to make your own “tea” to soothe a sore, irritated throat.

Clean hands. Add a couple drops of lemon EO with your soap and get your greasy hands clean.

Degreases dirty dishes. Add some lemon essential oil to your dish soap to cut the grease on the dirty dishes.

Clean naturally. Make your own natural cleaner with water, lemon essential oil and a splash of white vinegar in a spray bottle. It works great as an all-purpose, chemical-free cleaner.

Clean your microwave. Add water, a few drops of lemon essential oil and a splash of vinegar to a bowl. Microwave on high for five minutes. Let sit for a few minutes. Remove the bowl and wipe the microwave with a damp cloth. Stuck on food should just fall off and it will smell clean and fresh!

Natural Disinfectant. Add 40 drops lemon oil and 20 drops tea tree oil to a spray bottle. Add water with a little bit of white vinegar.

Face-wash. Lemon essential oil can can improve your complexion and leave your skin supple.  Combine lemon oil with baking soda and honey for a natural anti acne face wash.

Silver Polish. A lemon oil-soaked cloth will help revive your tarnished silver and jewelry.

Wood cleaning. Make your own natural furniture polish with olive oil and lemon essential oil.

Sticky mess. Un-stick the sticky goo your kids leave behind with stickers and gum with lemon oil.

Kills aphids. Get rid of annoying aphids that feast on your plants with a mixture of lemon essential oil and water in a spray bottle. It also won’t hurt your plants.

Fight nail fungus. Keep your nails fungus-free by rubbing lemon essential oil on your nail bed and cuticles.


Immune Support. Lemon oil can support lymphatic drainage and help your overcome a cold fast. Mix it with coconut oil and rub it on your neck.

Cleanses the air of smells.  Diffuse some lemon essential oil to rid your home of unpleasant odors.

Wash fruit and veggies. Make your own fruit and veggie wash by adding some lemon essential oil to a bowl of water in your sink.

Helps cold sores. Add a drop of lemon essential oil to help speed up healing on a cold sore and help with pain.

Soften rough feet. Rub some lemon essential oil on your corns and calluses.

Disinfect your toothbrush. Keep your toothbrush fresh by adding a drop of lemon essential oil to it once a week.

Freshen smelly dishcloths. Add some lemon essential oil to your detergent and soak your dishcloths overnight. Then wash and dry like normal.

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