Pumpkin pie is not just for eating. We made pumpkin pie sensory foam for the kids to play with. I directed the process, but the kids made the foam by themselves. They enjoyed playing with it greatly and my daughter even made pretty fall pumpkin cupcakes:

Pumpkin Pie Sensory Foam cupcake

Pumpkin Pie Sensory Foam

You need: shaving cream, yellow and red food coloring, cinnamon essential oil (you can skip it, but the strong smell of shaving cream will most likely overpower the scent of the spices,) cinnamon powder, cloves powder, nutmeg powder.

The process: Put the shaving cream into a plastic box. Add the two food colors. You can use just the orange color, but it is not as much fun for the kids as mixing the two colors would be. Add cinnamon essential oil.  Add spices ( do not add too much as they will darken the final product.)

Give the kids some containers and some spoons.

Pumpkin Pie Sensory Foam for kids

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Dr. Anastasia Halldin holds a Ph.D in holistic nutrition. She is a homeschooling mother of four boys and a girl. Dr. Anastasia starred on a yoga TV show. She also produced and appeared in thirteen yoga DVDs. Dr. Anastasia speaks four languages and loves doing crafts with her children. She adores sharing her easy healthy family recipes with other mothers.
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