Creating fairy tales is good for imagination, for fine motor skills, for writing practice. Making this fall fairy tale has been a fun collaborative project.

Fall Fairy TaleMy children are bilingual, so this particular project was done in Russian. It’s a book about hedgehog in the fall.

Homemade Fall Fairy Tale for KidsFirst, the kids had to decide and agree on a theme. I was surprised how little arguing there was! Then, they had to come up with four scenes to make the fairy tale ( they had to think of the story progressing: beginning, middle and end.)  Then, we made the book and illustrated it with fall leaves, which we had found on an earlier walk.

Fall Fairy Tale for KidsFall Fairy Tale

Materials: You need three sheets of construction paper, a pencil, scissors, clear tape, small part of thread, fall leaves. You may need some crayons and a marker for decorating.

Fall Fairy Tale CraftDirections: Put the papers on top of one another and fold all of them in half. Unfold and make two holes with scissors right at the folded line. Thread the thread through the holes, finally tying its ends together. You now have a book! you can chose to open it vertically or horizontally ( and the kids can learn these two words.)

Come up with a story and illustrate it! Remember to not be afraid and cut the fall leaves with scissors to achieve the desired shapes. If your scene is “hedgehog is eating a leaf,” think of other decorations nearby: trees, mushrooms, sun, birds, etc, to create a fuller scene. Add drawn decorations, using crayons and markers.

We chose to write a sentence or two on each page, placing the illustration underneath.

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Fall Fairy Tale, made by kids


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