DIY Winter Peg Dolls (or Snow Children) can be easily made with kids. These peg dolls are a nice decoration of the Winter Nature table or sweet toys. We use them as manipulatives in math study, too.

snow children bookThe Story of The Snow Children is a wonderful book that makes these peg dolls come alive.

To create DIY Winter Peg Dolls, you need the following:

Unfinished wooden peg dolls

Paint brush


Pink crayon

Black ink pen

White felt ( 100% wool is the best)


Crazy glue or another strong glue

The process:

Paint the bodies of your peg dolls using a light blue watercolor. Allow the paint to dry. Using a pen, draw the eyes and the mouths on the dolls ( dots work just fine.) Draw the cheeks with a pink crayon. Using scissors, cut the white felt into triangles, with the widest part of the triangle being about the size of the circumference of the doll’s head. Glue the triangle hats onto the dolls’ heads in a way that the triangle’s base is at the doll’s forehead ( see photo.) Finally, using a pen, decorate the dolls’ bodies with snowflakes, leafless trees and other winter-related motifs. Make sure the glue is dry before you start playing.

peg snow children

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