Even small toddlers love painting with droppers. There are three ways to use a dropper with watercolors and kids would enjoy all six. Dropper use develops fine motor skills and it’s fun, too.

Watercolor Dropper Painting- 6 Techniques1Watercolor Dropper Painting: 6 Techniques:

Watercolor Dropper Painting- 6 Techniques21. Liquid watercolors in small cups and a dropper. Paint by squeezing the paint out of the dropper onto the paper.

Watercolor oil Dropper Painting- 6 Techniques2. Watercolors and oil. Oil and water do not combine, but create interesting patterns. First, drop some oil onto the paper, then drop some liquid watercolors onto it and see the results.

watercolor and salt for kids3. Watercolors and salt. Using a dropper, drop some watercolors onto a sheet of paper. Sprinkle this paper with salt ( while still wet) to get an interesting artsy effect. Alternatively, you can try this watercolor and salt technique.

watercolor and alcohol4. Watercolors and rubbing alcohol. Paint with watercolors and then ( while the picture is still wet) drop some rubbing alcohol onto it, using a dropper.

saran wrap water color painting5. Watercolors and saran wrap

Watercolors-and-Air-Painting6. Watercolors and air painting

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  1. Olga Ptashnyuk says:

    Painting with a dropper is so much fun! Thank you for the tips!!!!

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