If you are starting a garden this season, it’s a good idea to educate your child on gardening. The following 7 books on gardening will help your child to better understand the concept.

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seed to plantFrom Seed To Plant offers clear yet basic information about the entire plant cycle from seed pollination to mature growth. The book’s big, colorful illustrations and simple language do a superb job of explaining subjects such as plant reproduction, seed dispersal, pollen transference, and seed germination. Included at the end of the text are simple facts about seeds and plants as well as a “From Seed to Plant” project that explains how to grow a bean plant. 

and the good brown earthAnd The Good Brown Earth This book, full of gorgeous, dreamy illustrations, explains, in a nutshell, how gardening works. The book presents a story of a boy and his grandmother gardening together through the seasons. The story is entertaining, the illustrations are beautiful and gardening seems like so much fun after reading it, my kids were eager to plant something right away!

flower gardenFlower Garden This book about a little girl and her father buying and planting flowers in a window box to surprise the mom for her birthday.  The book is beautifully illustrated, lovely, well thought out :a true gardening gem!

gardening booksMrs. Spitzer’s Garden Mrs. Spitzer is a wise teacher, whose “seeds” are duly planted and tenderly nurtured, and while some “grow quickly, pushing upward, eager, impatient,” others “grow more slowly, unfolding themselves bit by bit.” As the seasons progress, the little plants grow sturdier, until finally the school year comes to an end and Mrs. Spitzer’s job is done. The whimsical illustrations make this book even better than it already is.


the tiny seedThe Tiny Seed As with any book by Eric Carle, the illustrations are magnificent. The story of a seed explains to a child how seeds travel, what happens to them on the way and how seeds become plants. All of this in a simple, preschool-friendly language.


what do roots doWhat Do Roots Do A lot of children are vaguely aware of the fact that all plants have roots. This beautifully illustrated book of rhyming verses explains the concept of a root, its purpose and its function very well.


root childrenWhen the Root Children Wake Up is not necessarily a gardening book, yet it gives a good perspective on nature’s cycles.  The joyous adventures of the Root Children as they meet their older relatives ( each relative representing a different season) are brimming with color and fun. The illustrations are whimsical, lush and simply beautiful; the story is simple, yet captivating. 

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