Glamorous Sock Horse craft for kids

This Glamorous Sock Horse is girly to the core. She is a quick, cheap toy to make your child very happy. I found her on Attempting Aloha blog ( where there are detailed photographs of every step of the process of making the horse.) My daughter LOVED this horse a lot more than any toy I have ever bought her.

Glamorous Sock Horse  kids' craft homemade toy

Glamorous Sock Horse


1 fluffy sock ( Aloe-infused ultra moisturizing socks for women)

Filling of some kind (I used wool roving left over from my felting project.)

Large googly eyes

Eyelashes ( the extra long, theatrical kind work best)

Glitter foam or felt for ears + (optional) hearts, cut out of glitter foam for ears

Hot glue

Light pink yarn (for nostrils, bridle, and to attach reigns)

Yarn needle

Regular needle and thread (to attach feather boa)

Light pink feather boa

Scissors to cut the boa

Broom stick, wooden or plastic

Beaded bright pink necklace

Fake flower for decoration

Glamorous Sock Horse closeup



Fill the sock with your filler, to make it look like horse’s face. With needle and thread, attach the open end of the sock to the broom stick, so that there is about a 90 degree angle between the sock and the stick.


Thread the pink yarn through the yarn needle and embroider two nostrils.


Measure 5″ from the front and attach googly eyes with hot glue there. Attach eyelashes on top of the eyes, using hot glue.


Trace out two ears on your pink felt or your glitter foam. Cut them out. If using felt, glue pink glittery hearts on the front parts of the ears.
Pinch each ear together in the center and hot glue it, if it is made of glitter foam. Stitch it to the sock, if the ear is made of felt. Don’t put the ears too far down the sides.


Wrap the nose ( on top of the nostrils) with pink yarn four times. Tie the ends of the yarn together and gently glue the yarn to the end to the sock (on the bottom of horse’s face.)


Cut your beaded necklace to be  30″ long. Whip stitch it right to the sides of the face. Use extra stitching, as it wiggles. Stitch between beads 1&2, 2&3, and 3&4.


Cut 60″ feather boa in half. Put the two pieces next to each other and fold the one on the right almost in half. Do the same with the left piece. Make the pieces cascade down, so the top piece is the shortest, and it gets longer from there. Pinch at the top where the two pieces meet and whip stitch the spot right behind the ears. Whip stitch a fake flower behind her ear, and your glamorous pony is ready to go!



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  2. nicirobinson says:

    That is so cute! I watch my niece four days a week and she would love that!

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