Arctic Sensory Tub + 7 More Sensory Ice Play Ideas for toddlers, preschoolers

Arctic Sensory Tub is a lot of fun to explore and play with if you are a toddler, a preschooler or an older child.

Clear water beads represent ice. Ice is also represented by…ice cubes. I colored some of ours blue by adding blue water color to the ice tray prior to freezing it. These cubes can be used for some arctic painting in addition to sensory play. Shaving cream and salt represent two additional textures of the arctic world. For the animals, we used:

Groovy Tube Books: Arctic Chill! (Fact Book, Game Board and Collectible Figurines)– $6.54

First, we read the short book and learned a lot of facts about the animals of the Arctic. Then we released the plastic animals from the tube, which was attached to the book, into our sensory tub, putting sea animals in the water, bunnies in foam, arctic tigers on the salt tray, etc.

7 More Sensory Ice Play Ideas:

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