12 Crafts and Projects about the solar system

Solar system is a big concept for kids, but with these 12 crafts and projects, it can be simplified and a lot of fun.

Solar System Craft

solar system to teach kids about planets

Push Light Planets from Play At home Mom

push light planets

Solar System Snack and more ideas from Natural Beach Living

solar system snack

Play Dough Layers of The Earth

layers of the earth play dough


Salad Spun Planets from Adventures At Home With Mum

solar system 025

Homemade Book about the Solar System

Homemade book about the solar system for preschool, kindergarten


Puffy Paint Earth from No Time for Flesh Cards

puffy paint earth


Watercolor Painting of Planets

water color planets

Watercolors allow the paints flow more freely for this project. Before you paint your planets, check online or in a book for their pictures and positions.

Giant Papier Mache Planets from Red Ted Art

paper mache planets

Painting Planet Mars

painting planet

Duct Tape Universe Bag

Staple two 8 by 10 pieces of paper together, leaving the top open ( like a purse.) Frame your “purse” with duct-tape. We found duct tape that looked like planets in Target. Ask the child to write” Solar System Bag” in the middle and staple two pipe cleaners for handles to the top.

solar system bag


Squished Paint Sun and more great ideas from Mrs. Karen Preschool

learn about planets


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