6 ways to quit smoking

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Despite the millions of people who try to quit smoking each year, far more fail than ever succeed.  The addictive power of nicotine is suggested to be even stronger than that of opiates like morphine, making it a huge uphill battle for those that want to overcome their addiction.  The top five ways to quit a smoking habit range from changing up your attitude about tobacco to using a commercial product to step down slowly.

Gum And Patches

Nicotine is the biggest draw of cigarettes, but nicotine is not exclusive to cigarettes themselves.  There are a number of products on the market that are meant to draw smokers away from their traditional smokes in order to slowly decrease the dependency on tobacco and smoking.  Nicotine patches and nicotine gum are two of the most popular choices, allowing a former smoker to control the levels of the chemical in their body without having to every flick the switch on a lighter.  Since the nicotine levels are easy to adjust, it is possible to slowly step down from heavy usage to light usage and then stop altogether.


According to some psychologists, the effort to quit smoking is not about getting in a chemical fix but rather changing how your brain perceives the world around it.  One of the most effective ways to quit smoking is hypnosis, a method by which a licensed psychologist will “put you under” and create the connection between a cigarette and a negative thought.  By combining the idea of a cigarette and a cockroach, for instance, a smoker will go from dependent on a cigarette to physically disgusted by it.  This does not help dealing with nicotine withdrawal, but is one of the fastest methods.


When some people say they want to quit smoking, they likely mean they want to stop smoking cigarettes.  It is possible, however, to continue to enjoy tobacco without smoke itself.  Vaporizers heat up tobacco leaves (as well as other herbs like eucalyptus and chamomile) in order to draw the chemicals out of the leaf in vapor rather than smoke.  This method does not cause the leaf to combust into smoke, but rather turns the liquid or dry matter inside into a vapor, which is then safely inhaled.

Cut Down On Costs

A way that many people have found practical for their efforts to quit smoking is to closely monitor the amount of money they spend on the habit.  Have a policy that you will only put money into a “smoke jar” on certain occasions, such as going to the gym or working on a personal project, and only spend this money on tobacco.  The less money you put into a smoke jar, the less cigarettes you will be able to afford.

Cold Turkey

It requires a lot of will power, but for many people the best way to do it is to take one last puff and call it quits.  More people quit on their own, without any help, than by any other method.  Nine out of ten quitters do so simply by throwing out their last pack.  It takes self-discipline but by using the mantra of one day at a time, it is possible to quit smoking for good.


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About the author:Sam Moser is a freelance content writer who has written almost exclusively for the web since graduating from the School of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario.  Formerly a cigarette smoker, Sam has recenlty discovered the health benefits of the Extreme Q vaporizer.

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