Nature dairy project for kids


My 4 year old has a nature diary. It is my favorite project, probably because I wish I had a nature diary for myself. Every Tuesday is “the day of nature” in our homeschool, so every Tuesday we write in our nature diary about whatever we did or saw that Tuesday.

Sometimes we feed goats green leaves, sometimes we go to the zoo, sometimes we go on nature walks and sometimes we learn about the seasons. My child draws a picture, writes a few words or a sentence about what he saw that day ( I complete the rest of the text from his words.) Sometimes, we glue leaves  or other objects we find outside on our diary’s pages. This project can be as structured or as open-ended as you’d like: it’s a personal diary after all. Do not tell your child bare facts, like “you saw a bunny.” Instead, allow your child to tell you what he/she saw. You’d be amazed and learn a lot from their vision.


nature dairy

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  1. Olga says:

    I love your advice not to jump ahead with “you saw a bunny” comments. How often do we do it!

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