Flag Painting- Sensory

4th of july kids flag painting activity

Give your child some paper, some paintbrushes, red and blue paints as well as some shaving cream. Let the sensory fun begin!

Fireworks in a Jar

fireworks in a jar

You need a glass jar, a few small mixing dishes, food coloring and vegetable oil.

prep for our shaving cream art activityFill up the jar with warm water. In each mixing dish, mix a few drops of food coloring with 2 tbsp. of oil. Pour the oil/ color mixture into the water.

Stars in Shaving Cream

stars in shaving cream

This activity was inspired by No Time For Flash Cards. We already had the shaving cream out, so we sprayed it on a plastic plate and, using some paint, made the stars on top of the cream. All my kids wanted to do was dig into the shaving cream with their hands, anyway.

This is what happened with the shaving cream:

My oldest called it “A Mouse and a White Cat.”


shaving cream car washThis is not really a 4th of July thing, but it can be a fun ending to your sensory play. Give your kids a bowl of water, a sponge and some cars and your sensory play can turn into a carwash!

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