Foil Ship


foil ship homeschool craftsWe made a ship out of foil. The plan was to play with the foil and maybe make a fun sculpture. My son made a car that didn’t really look like a car. I made something that didn’t loo like anything, and so we moved on to more interesting concepts.

To make a foil ship:

Fold a piece of foil into a triangular hat. Lift its edges to form a boat. Make a small hole by the edge and thread a piece of rope or a piece of thread through it. Find the nearest stream or a puddle!

Check out our milk carton ship, too, and don’t forget foil painting.

About Dr. Anastasia

Dr. Anastasia Halldin holds a Ph.D in holistic nutrition, speaks four languages, starred on a yoga TV show, produced and appeared in thirteen yoga DVDs, and is a mother of a kindergartner, twin toddlers, and a newborn. Dr. Anastasia loves doing crafts with her children and sharing her easy healthy recipes and knowledge of health and food with mothers to help them raise healthier families.
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