Learn Count and Numbers- Montessori

Learn Count and Numbers- Montessori

What I like about using Montessori activities in our homeschool preschool is how much the children enjoy them. The kids are so engrossed in the fun part of the activity, they “forget” the fact that they are learning!

This Montessori-type activity is a playful way to introduce numbers and count to your child. You can make this game as easy or as complicated as you’d like.

You need:

Index cards with numbers

Marbles or other small objects

Tupperware containers

Optional: Dice


Pick a few numbers. One to 10 or 1 to 5 is good. Ask the child to place index cards with the numbers in order. Then, ask the child to place a small tupperware container by each index card. Have a dish with marbles or other small objects ready. Have a dish with dice ready, if you have dice. This project works well without dice, too.

Ask your child to find the number of dots on the dice which corresponds to the number on the index card. Example: two dots for number 2. When you get to bigger numbers, like 7, 8, 9 and t10, the child needs to practice addition, because the dice only goes to 6, so eight is made of two dice: one with six dots and one with two dots.

Once the dice are in place, ask the child to count the marbles and place the right amount of marbles into each container. Example: 3 marbles for number 3.


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