Where To Buy Healthy Foods

Numerous times, I’ve been asked about where to buy healthy foods, so I finally took the time and compiled this list. Please, let me know if there is something you believe should be added to it.

Grains and legumes: nutsonline.com They have a good selection of organics and the prices are the lowest you can find.

Fruits and vegetables: organic grocery stores or local whenever possible.

Raw nuts, chocolate, supplements, coconut products, specialty items:  sunfood.com


Healthy Fats and Oils: RadiantLife


Sprouted Flours: To YourHealth

Grains, nuts, spices, coconut products, bulk products: Wilderness Family Naturals


Lots of high-quality organic foods and coconut oil: Tropical Traditions

Wild-caught fish and seafood: Vital Choice 

Fermented foods, yogurt and kefir starters: Cultures for Health ( you can save up to 75% on yogurt by making it at home.)

Eggs, milk and meats are best when bought at a local farm


About Dr. Anastasia

Dr. Anastasia Halldin holds a Ph.D in holistic nutrition, speaks four languages, starred on a yoga TV show, produced and appeared in thirteen yoga DVDs, and is a mother of a kindergartner, twin toddlers, and a newborn. Dr. Anastasia loves doing crafts with her children and sharing her easy healthy recipes and knowledge of health and food with mothers to help them raise healthier families.
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