Cardboard Box CraftI don’t know about you, but I always have too many cardboard boxes left over after the holidays. Inspired by Tinkerlab’s cardboard box crafts, I decided to make a cardboard box to contain the cars my sons have.

First of all, I choose the largest box for this project. I cut the top of the box off. Then, my oldest son and I painted the purple roads inside the box and colored everything else green. I also painted some trees and sunshine on the edges of the box.

Then, we divided the box into four quarters, making each one a season. This way, we had the winter corner, as well as the summer corner and a spring corner and a fall corner. We used magazine pages, cotton “snow”, construction paper flowers as decorations for our seasons.

Finally, we put the wooden road signs up (Grandma gave us those a few months ago.) All the box needed was some cars. My oldest son also put some building blocks into it to make a house by the road.

You need the box, paint, paintbrushes, clear tape, scissors, glue, construction paper, magazines, cotton, leftover Christmas decor. Road signs are a plus, too.

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Dr. Anastasia Halldin holds a Ph.D in holistic nutrition, speaks four languages, starred on a yoga TV show, produced and appeared in thirteen yoga DVDs, and is a mother of a kindergartner, twin toddlers, and a newborn. Dr. Anastasia loves doing crafts with her children and sharing her easy healthy recipes and knowledge of health and food with mothers to help them raise healthier families.
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