Paper Towel Roll Christmas CraftsHow about a last minute Christmas craft? I had a couple of cardboard paper towel rolls left over after Christmas cleaning, so we used one for Santa and one for Christmas tree.

Paper Towel Roll Christmas Crafts:

Paper Towel Roll Santa:

You need: paper towel roll, glue,  paint, paintbrushes, glitter, cotton, 2 rubber bands, scissors, one sheet of red construction paper, some clear tape, a few leftover plastic Christmas ornaments to decorate.

Firstly, paint the bottom of the paper towel roll. Then Put the moustache and the beard on, using rubber bands. Draw the eyes, the nose and the lips with a  crayon. Make a hat, by rolling a small sheet of construction paper, securing it with a glue and adding a little ball of cotton to the top. Using clear tape, attach the hat to Santa. Finally, decorate the bottom of the roll any way you wish! Use glitter to sprinkle on the beard.

Paper Towel Roll Christmas Tree.

You need: paper towel roll, green paint, paintbrush, glue, green construction paper, scissors, a few pompoms, clear tape, glitter and some leftover Christmas decorations.

Paint the paper towel roll green. Place glue on one of its sides. Cut a large green triangle out of construction paper. Attach the green triangle to the paper towel roll. Put dots of glue where you want your pompom ornaments to be. Stick the pompoms onto the glue dots. Optionally, put some glue on top and sprinkle it with glitter and attach your leftover Christmas decoration to the bottom of the tree, using clear tape.

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  1. Laila says:

    Very creative project and costs almost nothing! Thank you for sharing!

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