If you want to try a new health food, kombucha should be high on your list. Kombucha is a fermented health drink that has been consumed for over 2000 years all over the world.

Kombucha’s healing properties include:

*Probiotics, which are healthy bacteria.

*Antioxidants, which  destroy free-radicals.


*Alkalization of the body. Kombucha balances internal pH.

*Detoxification of the liver.

*Improved eyesight.

*Rebuilding of the connective tissue.

*Cancer prevention.

*Healing of eczema. Kombucha can be applied topically to soften the skin.

*Alleviation of constipation.

*Increased metabolism.

*Improved digestion.

*Increased energy.

*Reduced blood pressure.

*Headache relief.

*Kidney stone reduction.

*Speed healing of ulcers.

*Help in clearing up candida & yeast infections.

*Help in healthy cell regeneration.

*Prevention of glucose spikes.

*Reduction of  gray hair

To make your own kombucha you need a “kombucha mother” – a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Learn more about it here. Try my homemade kombucha recipe.


About Dr. Anastasia

Dr. Anastasia Halldin holds a Ph.D in holistic nutrition, speaks four languages, starred on a yoga TV show, produced and appeared in thirteen yoga DVDs, and is a mother of a kindergartner, twin toddlers, and a newborn. Dr. Anastasia loves doing crafts with her children and sharing her easy healthy recipes and knowledge of health and food with mothers to help them raise healthier families.
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  1. Laura says:

    Once I’ve heard that kombucha is a beverage with magical powers enabling people to live forever. After reading this post I believe it’s very true 🙂 Where can I purchase it?

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