quinoaIf you made a huge pot of quinoa and ate it twice, you probably have some leftovers. And you probably are really sick of quinoa. Here’s what I do to keep quinoa interesting.

1.Quinoa Casserole

2.Saute some onion, tomatoes and bell peppers, so it yields about I cup. add twocups of cooked quinoa, olive oil, paprika and Bragg’s Amino acids. Don’t forget two-three garlic cloves.

3. Put some canned chickpeas on the frying pan, add some almond slices, quinoa, olive oil, curry, garlic and Bragg’s. I add about 1 tsp. curry per 1 cup of quinoa. When everything is ready, add a bit of finely diced parsley.

4. Make a quinoa salad or pilaf.

5. Make some quinoa-stuffed peppers.

6. Eat it for breakfast with walnuts, raisins and olive oil. Cinnamon works, too.

7. Sautee some broccoli, carrot slices and maybe, a zucchini. Add some cooked quinoa and some pine nuts. Add some sea salt.

8. Fry some onions and tofu (or chicken.) Add the quinoa and, possibly, some cranberries.

9. Put some sweet potato cubes in a microwave. When they are cooked, add them to cooked quinoa, using a pan. Add some olive oil and garlic. I also like to add pumpkin seeds and parsley to this mix.

10.Make black bean burgers and use quinoa instead of buckwheat.

Any other suggestions?




About Dr. Anastasia

Dr. Anastasia Halldin holds a Ph.D in holistic nutrition. She is a homeschooling mother of four boys and a girl. Dr. Anastasia starred on a yoga TV show. She also produced and appeared in thirteen yoga DVDs. Dr. Anastasia speaks four languages and loves doing crafts with her children. She adores sharing her easy healthy family recipes with other mothers.
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