Dancing Raisins Scientific Experiment For kids

For a fun science experiment with kids, you can use the carbon dioxide fizz from soda to make raisins dance. Carbon dioxide gas in soda gives it its fizz. Materials: a can of clear soda a tall, clear glass 5-10 raisins … Read more

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Kale, Lentil, Potato Soup

If you normally eat your soup with a slice of bread, you’d find it unnecessary with the starchy kale, lentil and potato soup. Warm and filling, this soup can be a satisfying meal all by itself. The soup is rich … Read more

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knit hen chicken waldorf

The easy knit chicken pattern can help you make something special for your child’s Easter basket. The work here is minimal and if you know how to knit, you can make this hen in a few hours. The chicken is … Read more

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Homemade Chocolate

Easy and Healthy Homemade Chocolate is vegan, free of artificial additives and rich in magnesium, potassium, copper, iron and  antioxidants. Making 35 small truffles takes about 7-10 minutes and the chocolate tastes rich, deep and quite heavenly. Store-bought chocolate almost … Read more

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Animal types and habitats for preschool

My preschoolers and I did a fun and easy project to learn about  the animal types and habitats. The project consisted of three parts and I loved how my twins had fun with it yet were learning at the same … Read more

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no-grain bread-free sandwiches

Wheat is not the healthiest food option, and gluten-free bread is frequently overly processed and full of sugar. Giving up bread does not mean “no sandwiches.” Try one of the following bread-free options for a healthy grain-free sandwich: 1. Lettuce … Read more

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mojito smoothie, vegan

A refreshing, light mojito is one of my favorite drinks. Because of this easy and healthy smoothie version of a mojito you can enjoy this drink even for breakfast. It would be good for you, too. Try my mojito juice, … Read more

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Learning About World's Landmarks and Monuments

Through monuments we learn about history, culture, geography, the rise and fall of civilizations. This is why teaching kids about the world’s great landmarks is so important, in my opinion. My 5-year old is good with geography because of the … Read more

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6 Natural Remedies For Cracked Heels

The season of sandals is coming up and cracked heels can ruin the experience of wearing pretty shoes. Over-the-counter callus softeners often contain ingredients that irritate the skin. Cracked heels can be the result of: the way you walk and distribute weight … Read more

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Science For Kids- Pitch in Jars Experiment

When it comes to scientific experiments for kids, even preschoolers can enjoy science if you make it fun. This simple experiment teaches kids about the way that sound is being transmitted. Science For Kids: Pitch in Jars Experiment You need … Read more

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Coconut Goji Berry Smoothie

Coconut goji berry smoothie is as nutritious and healthy as it is delicious and refreshing. Berries, such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, will provide you with antioxidants. Goji berry, however, is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the number one food … Read more

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Berry, Feta Pesto Salad

Berry, feta and pesto is an exotic combination of ingredients, which makes a fine and healthy warm-weather salad. Kids are likely to try this dish because of all the sweet berries in it. You can either use a store-bought pesto … Read more

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